The Used

is funny and sad at the same time

went to the used at universal . seats( when we got there) were being occupied ) by some big deal, d was asking them to move…and we start into the row…as i moving past one of the girls , i say , as is my canadain way, “sorry..s’cuse me”…and out of nowhere she hits me in the side superhard…”iturn all aghast”why did you hit me?”
Then she proceeds to armchop me SUPER hard on my neck…So hard i flew into cheryl and she flew into d etc etc…i say “she just hit me..”about to cry…then they d and c pushpast me…and there’s all this commotion..i dont know what is happening.i walk towards d and he says all forceful and shit “JUST GO BACKSTAGE ..NOW!”
so i slip up the stairs..ready to ball my eyes out..cause i think i did something..c is ahead of me..she slows down as we walk into the backstage area…and i am fuming..” im really upset ,” i start to say..when she cuts me off to tell me she punched the chick in the face!!!!!!!unbeknowst to me..she and danny had started asking her why she hit me..etc and something happened and c with a ring that spans two knuckles…punched the girl ..her glasses shattered..But i saw nothing ..just c walking away and d screaming..