halloween 03

some sort of strange scenarios happening in my life of late. causing me to not write.
cant go over it all.. but i did get a boot on my truck..SUCKED.
and mjk had a fun halloween party and i dressed up(as him)
wes and hthr also had a fun party..singer guy named nate denver-very cool.
then talked to random people and in the midst spoke at length to a very cool boy.
saw justin and shellee – dlo and i went out and spent the day/eve with them the sunday after halloween.
saw their store and house ,,both awesome.
went to a mightywind LIVE show with the whole cast ..with boy i met at w&h’s
had a 3 day extendo date.m and i are ‘seperated’ officially..
i guess.
saw elf. very funny to me.
finished jg project..sorta. lots of tweeks left.
feel ambigious towards many things of late.
not passionate about anything except work stuff.
spiritualized last thursday was awesome.
cept i think it was the downfall of anything that could of come with me and new boy.
oh well.