friday night at the grove- para sola. very nice. got red fish net stocking and concealer and two awesome books on coding and a wacom tablet.(begrudingly)
all for me.
suprisingly not crowded.
worked on a graphic job all afternoon which is what inspired me to buy the wacom thingy.i realized what took me 4 hours could have taken 1.
if i dont like it ill give it to my cousin.
who, is living here- very nice to have him here. specially at christmas. have no idea whats going to happen for xmas. everything is setup -plane tickets etc…but .
talked to patrick last night.seems so far away and distant. bums me out.do not feel close tohim at all. his tone on the fone is so formal. yuck. i do not like the fone. probably why i lose so many of them. but that would mean i dont like cars either- seeing as how i lose so many car keys , too.