went to the vandals xmas show

went to the vandals xmas show at the house of booze.
a few key things occured:
1-i was hit on by a very cute boy. not boy in the endearing way, either- boy as in he lives in winetca(?) abd is probably about 19-if im lucky.
gave me his # on a 5 dollar bill- cause he had no paper..
very sweet.
dan ackroyd stood in front of me- he is fat and creepy(but canadian,so ill forgive him)
the vandals were AWESOME. i had so much fun. what agreat show.
jf was super- the lead singer is hot.

afterwards went upstairs – saw paz- she was w/ ryeland- whom i hadnt seen in 3 years( never really knew-either…but lots of odd connections) and we all went out to eat -jf nicole paz ryeland jolie (my date) me and the rest of the band cme- but sat at differnt tables.
fun night-reallly fun.