ok so this week has been extrodinarry. monday 60 days off cigarettes.
ch was so sweet at the mtg. (rare) then to dinner with charlie finn and ns2 and jo. then to meet mjk at les duex..bad there bad scene. tuesday was good. i had so much fun with ch tues eve, we went for dinner and went to teh market and had a sleepover. then got up and went dwntwn early in the am and i watched him cut wood for buliding stuff. very sexy.
we have a nice time . he is good for me.met lala and ingrisd today -at cw’s store
cw asked me to help her with her computer ….
feel very vulnerable rightnow. i am sad about this week and all the events that have gone down-.i just miss dad -poor me
i just feel a pit in my tummy-really tired and pms i think.