birthday at dfly

last sunday was the funnest . aj organized a bday thing for me at dragonfly. in doing so it took all the stress off me..and cause only 5 people came it was idealic..
j and a and mw and sgp al came. i couldnt believ j came..AND the best part is he brought mostfavorite person i never see. he is alway on tours..but in town for 2 days and we snagged him.. he is trully one of the greatest people i ever met. but unless he is with a family band..he is not around.Last time i saw him was his bday brunch,(which was hosted here ) in january
What a treat..he danced all night too..and hes super into the airband..i asked if hed be my drumtech..and he not only said yes..but had a whole plan with us eventually opening for thatBand..
I think everyone had fun..the post show comments made in the morning were bang on-..they saw and appreciated all the great front row awesomeness i oft talk about.. (Thought my crush on singer was pretty ironically funny.noone ever take sme seriously man.)