dear topspinmedia..

dear topspinmedia : you rule-and im sorry for my hasty angst at implenting your Interstitials – But see it’s only because you were so new..and as it turns out cool- to this old as2 brain. I needed the push into jquery and it looks as though not only did i get to learn (!?) new…
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stomach aches

i have a stomach ache and it sux. The kind you had when you were a little kid and ate too much candy. Goddamn i dont like feeling uncomfortable , What do you do ? any ideas? i feel like there is a balloon in my belly- yuck.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-08

@shamelessleland you loook good in a headlamp # Opening a bank account finalllly!!!!despite my alien status- they literally acosted mupon walking inthey begged really-this financial u … # @dannylohner welcome timetraveller. # RT @clubnokia We love Puscifer and so do you because the show on April 4 is ALMOST SOLD OUT. P.S: Follow @mjkeenan….
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Puscifer announces LA shows for April 2009

Valentines weekend , PUSCIFER debuted it’s live show in Vegas .. and it was amazing..Really like nothing else ive erver seen/heard/.. (and im not just saying that) I was shocked and blown-away with the whole production …Each night ( there were three of them) was different ..and as good as the next…too much to describe…
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