fall 2001-post tool

it’s friday and i slept almost all day..got home around 2 am,
the show last night was amazing.
went with ie and hil mj ag ra lel etc.
all of la was there-our whole section was “comp ” seating-mjk made some funny refrences to the hollywood vermon.
saw et , finally met her friend robin, seems very nice, she is coming to hawaii ,also.
lots of others there- l ‘s girlfriend was there with robin, – didn’t introduce myself, though-
sort of avoided that whole deal. no drama, thanx. ie talked to her for a long time – i just avoided and talked to hawk the whole time.
i am so looking forward to hawaii. i realize i have been celebate and single for almost a year. it is so great in so many ways- but also , last night when ie went to get me a coke , i realized how nice it would be to have a “partner” to do stuff with all the time. i guess ie and lel are like that , but it is different.
i don’t know- it will happen at the right time, i guess.