one year ago today..i was kissing with l. weird . not sad, just odd. i was tinking about quitting smoking(as i am now) and in mad crazy obsessive lust with ykw.
now i am at home, on the computer i bought a little less than a year ago-the ever trusty beautiful g4. with the fancy screen. going over the website i am working on…whilst ch sleeps on the couch. tv is on. just walked max. it’s 10 30 ish and i am happy. feels good. just everything in general.
mj just called -he is not so good i think..feel awkward talking to him. he did a tv show today and gave me a shout out, though….
jlb is on the cover of the national enquirer today. with bill clinton. must two way her tomorrow and find out what that is about…
mjk came back today , met him for lunch with devo and friends..he bought ANOTHR car. very nice though. a lexus hardtop convertible thingy. cool. ns and lala are off on friday for kona so i get the bmw for 3 weeks. sooo cool.