these are the questions posed to me from my linkdup pal through blogger insider.
1. What made you decide to quit smoking?
found out that it was all a lie….also,vanity and health and relationship with nonsmoker was getting touchy cause of my smoking.
How long had you been a smoker?
16 years
How long since your last one?
6 days
2. What is your favorite memory from your high school days?
alot of them. perhaps the evenings spent drinking at my parents skicabin with my gang of friends …playing stupid drinking games and listening to ac/dc and the grateful dead…
3. Given that the universe is infinite, and God is also
infinite…….would you like a toasted tea cake?
huh? sure…..
4. Do you have a favorite food that you really enjoy cooking/baking?
stopped cooking and baking once i moved to la. occasionaly i make a scrambled egg thingy with an english muffin..
When you order out, what do you usually get?
indian or chinese.always .
5. Do you go back to Canada often?
1-2 times a year…havent been back in almost 10 months though.
6. Do you feel obligated to link to people that link to you? Why or why
noone has linked to me -that i know of…so no pressure yet.
7. Other than blogging, what are your favorite online distractions?
looking for free cool scripts and doing my own personal pi work at google.

8. How would you compare your online friends to your ‘real life’ friends?
no ‘onine only’ friends.all are crossovers.
Are there any of your fellow bloggers you would like to meet in real life?
not particularily.
9. How long have you been online?
since 1993(on and off)
10. If I were to sign up for a Yoga class tomorrow, what’s the best advice
you’d give me about what to look for and what to be ready for?
wear comfy clothes. ask people ,in your hood who have done yoga, who is a good instructor(ie: explains poses well..is gentle etc). figure out what your intention is for yoga…physical ?spiritual? emotional? all three?..do a little research and try a few different kinds..with an open mind.