i was introduced to ‘acid’ at 13. i hadn’t a clue what it was, but the day i had my braces off,my bestfriend Sheila and i decided to’celebrate’ and  embark on a new life.. we were going to become skater girls.( my first of many reincarnations ..) We had a walkman with a tape of the violent femmes and we took my brothers board and bumchucked down to 7/11 on marine drive . Our first mision: followed people into macs milk and listened to the brands of cigarettes they ordered: We memorized the process and name( benson and hedges delux ultra light 100’s??? could we have found a more difficult longer name?)Then waited and went across the street and bought them.
we stood around.smoking and feeling sickish…meandering back and forth between macdonalds and the beach, waiting for something ( some boys..) to happen.
about an hour in, We ran into a girl who was a year older than us, shelly , she told us she was ‘babysitting’ her friend-who was her age… this other girl was hysterical; crying and laughing.. we were perplexed..Oh mah she ok?
oh yeah she’s just trippin.
yeah shes high on acid.
oh oh yea  of course
what the hell?
you guys want some?
quick glances.. yeah cool.
and she hands us a piece of paper towel with 2 little ripped pieces of paper on it.
whaaat? we thanked her and went to the bathroom. what do we do withit?
Another girl came in and told us: we swallowed our ‘hits’ and immeadiatley started laughing..  faking the reaction we’d seen from shelly’s friend.
then we got back to acting cool and now feeling cool as we skated our way back and forth along marine drive till 11:18, when we got the horshoebay bus back to the wades house.
everything was really funny at this point , but funny scary as we were both locked up in our sure curious as to weather or not the other was feeing as odd.
i kept thinking i was laughing inappropriatley,,that i was making her angry.i recall being uncomfortable inthe uncontrollableness of my reactions to  feelings.
we puffed our last benson on the walk back tfrom the busstop, and rubbed leaves and stuffed guminour mouthes to hide the smell(?)
her older sister was home and took one look at us and asked what the hell we were on?
oh shit..
so she got her boyfried.. he came in andbrought a ghettoblaster with pinkfloyd on it, we started listening and he talked about how cool it was, the music, and it all became safe but blurrry