the artist way

i ve joined a group called the artist way- its based on a book by julia cameron , written based around the twelve steps of recovery with the intention to recover the inner artist in people, its a chapter a week with exercises and a few staple things we must do each week. one is the morning pages- three pages written first thing in the morning about our experiences and thoughts. just free form writing for three pages.. everyday. its hard. it sounds simple but its been quite an ordeal for me. i put it off or when i do write it is chicken scracth and very complain-y.the other one is once week we do an artist date with ourselves. just a set date to do something free or cheap ( museum etc ) ALONE. I LIKE THIS ONE . i look forward to doing it and have gotten creative in the doing. the best part is satruday morning we meet – 9 of us, at a house in venice and have a big lunch and go around the room and talk about our week – what we did how are pages are going what artist date was- and any of the exercises we deed on the chapter.
the evolution of the processes proving to be remarkable. so much synchronicity in our days its kinda crazy. and we all seem to be breaking through to some cool stuff. it feels like a really productive and life changing process.