awesome cords

nice day. woke up – borrowed ch’s car got some groceries…well coffee stuff. then ab came and got me and we went to 3 and g , didn’t stay. talked to redhaired alison. and colby.
then we went to the 11 45 meeting. laren was there so was owen….hmmmm.
then ad rs ab and lele and i went for lunch at the vienna cafe . ch stopped by for a visit.
then i went over to the store and tried on courds…got two pairs of awesome brown cords(yes, AWESOME CORDS-same sentance-dealwith it cord haters) …as part of trade..
then i did some stuff 4 ch here and now i am home thinking about shit.
like smoking.
and sobriety
and living in LA.
why am i feeling so damned heavy these past two days?
period etc. i guess. but i am feeling very unsettled and i want to know why or MORE importantly…i want a solution.
perhaps i should smoke. yep thats it i think.