How Would You Spend One More Day with Your Dad?

Creelmans Roundhouse

In an old corevette- (rented for Dad Awe factor only) i’d pick him up ( at the heavens gate depot?–somehow i imagine him waiting with albert brooks and meryl streep from that movie…sort of at a’cloud’ stop) and head out of LA to Palm Springs- giving us an easy long drive to catch up- I…
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The Doggie Lamma


I am so devasted by the death of the doggie Lamma-aka-Helmie- the helmunster…. …so sad that i havent been able to write a post about him and aboout how he affected me- i cant even really do it now.. but here’s an attempt: Helmie and i met during one of my saddest periods in life…and…
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Brain tumours and cell phones


when my dad died of a brain tumour- the onocoligist told us the gov. would not recognize the fact that brain tumours were caused by cell phones. despite the glaring connection : FINALLY FINALLY …

dad memory#1


q#2;describe your father:what was he like whe u were a child?as u grewup? my dad was very kind and gentle as i got older, but as a child he was very gruff and grumpy and distant, i was scared of him till i was about 18. he wasn’t that present in my life(although my parents…
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