How Would You Spend One More Day with Your Dad?

Creelmans Roundhouse

In an old corevette- (rented for Dad Awe factor only) i’d pick him up ( at the heavens gate depot?–somehow i imagine him waiting with albert brooks and meryl streep from that movie…sort of at a’cloud’ stop)
and head out of LA to Palm Springs- giving us an easy long drive to catch up- I could tell him what the last 10 years have been like- nothing heavy, just fun and anecdotes, about our lives since leaving homeā€¦all the crazy friends i have made since he left…especially the ones that he would love. When we arrive in the desert- we would check in to La quinta- have a little lunch on the patio…then i would take him to his tee time at the best palm springs golf course, where Patrick Mark and Fraser are waiting to play 12 holes with him, i would caddy (in a golf cart)- Then patrick dad and i would go to dinner at LG’s or Mortons..Steaks and caesar salads-then head back to La Quinta – where we would sit on our patio by the pool and dad and patrick would have beers and id ask Dad lots of questions about his life that i never asked him .
It would be so AWESOME.