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dirtsimple is one of those rare finds online-
One that shakes you out of screen mode(u know how it is- after aimlessly trolling the intranet)

The author, Phillip J. Eby, is a pragmatic ,cohesive narrator.
He seems the unlikely guru…Yet , his affiable manner of parlaying his own experiences of trashing pain for better stuff is so uncluttered , heartfelt..and applicible.. with his logical progammers natural lamguage style logic.
reading , he gently , crossed th, screen barrier .
That is in and of itself is a rare ability these days-
As there are soo many ‘how-to’ style blogs..
But go visit this site…he is spewing the simplest, yet profoundly altering lessons i ve seen online

Depression Do’s And Don’ts ( ”
Sunday, July 23, 2006
Depression Do’s And Don’ts

Last week, an anonymous reader wrote this comment:

how do you live your dreams when you don’t even know what they are

what do you do when you have no passion, no drive no reason to get up and out of bed at any time of the day
So this week, I’m writing my answers.

Now, these answers are not medical advice.  If you are or believe you are suffering from clinical depression, or you are feeling suicidal, please: get help from a trained professional.

However, if you’re in a slump, there are some simple things you can and should do — even if you are also going to get help.

There are two sides to depression: mental, and physical.  Most of the time, it’s easy to assume that it’s the mental part that’s really the problem, because if you look around, you can always find something depressing in your life.  However, more often than not, the physical component dominates.  Seriously.

Indeed, over time I’ve begun to wonder if anything that act”

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Depression Do’s And Don’ts (