spazmatics fun i gave d my camera he got some pics from on onstage.
Brought La, and she, of course.. was sooo awesoem..they sart playing like a virgin..and i said GO Up n Dance.(kinda kidding..,mostly just hoping she’d do this: .., knowing full well she’s the only person i know who could pull that shit off.)
she did..without a second of hesitaion.
i love her sooo much.
funny how dloh told me a few weeks ago ‘you need a crew.. girls that will get your back nomatter.
i have ana hils debf
(thru saint of circumstance is plesantly back in my life)
newly rooting AND with long aquaintainship…aj
L ..im going to stop tallying..its silly, but im in a list sorta mood..meme time.