dreams and marriage

girl u know its true…ohh ooh i love you. just imagine now i can sing this for your listening enjoyment- yeah blogger.
life is weird these days – i am still married- for 7 months now- i am happy- my life is relatively simple, i see alot of ch these days whichh is turning into a great friendship. i got two cats..which is huge with me being a DOG kinda girl. mjk gave me two of his hairless wonders- mac and sushi-i’ll post some pics soon. i’m a bit lonely as mw is away from home alot these days- but it s odd that when he is home on the weekends etc…i get annoyed and wish i had the space to myself again. i ‘m weird. i had a crazy out of body dream last night i flew all over the place and really tried to get to certain places. i was also shooting down a track made of ice and packed snow on some sort of sled and i ‘controlled’ the course of the ride with positive thoughts….how weird am i now?