eddie’s new show

Last night went to cbs radford for taping of eddie’s new show.
its called “the crumbs”,( ?prolly be different when it airs..these things seem to change) Its a sitcom, about a upper middleclass family from back east . Fred Savage( wonder years) is son no.1, who’s moved to LA to persue sreenwriting, and after one movie success, is now ‘blocked…He’s gay but his family doesnt know.
Eddie is the bro who survived boating accident that a third brother died in, eddie’s character, Jody, stayed to run the family restaurant- he is a bit of a womanizer/sex addict and bitter at brother fred savage for leaving .
the father (bill devane) has recently left the mother (jane curtain) for a restaurant critic, whom is now pregnant. The dad has become a past life massage therapist and drives a mint vespa.
The mom went nuts due to all of the above and attempted to run over dad , so she’s just been released from mental hospital.Which is where the show opens.. brothers picking mom up from institute…
The show is so well written and eddie is fabulous in it. sooo funny and he and jane curtain are perfect as son/ mother. He is really and trully great at this role and im not just saying it.
He and lynn left to get married in hawaii tonight… staying at how.s’s new ‘plantation’ on kauii.
Lynn is due in august , i beleive, but she looks fantastic.I dont know why i never thought pregnancy was attractive..cause both lynn and draven look(ed) hot.

i seem to be very productive these days. but my social life is seriously nil n void.