feeling much anxiety;like i do not know my place in the world and it scares me to no end. i wonder f it is the time of month coupled with my mom with everything else that is going down. i am going to be thirty in one month., that doesn’t freak me out. what freaks me out is not knowing my purpose and not know where i am supposed to be in the world. i wish someone would just come over to my house and tell me ” you are supposed to be doing this for the next blank years..so here is who to call and they will set you up with what you need etc.-and don’t worry, it’s all going to be cool and you have a great life ahead, starting now.so go ahead “and they would leave me with an outline to refer to and a 1800 3 to call if i needed further instructions, and i would KNOW.phewf. why can’t this happen?didn’t people in the bible have shit like this happen, all the saints had someone tell them where to go and what their purpose was, …..