friday’s car

i am renting a car again.unreal. this is un believable almost.i have not been able to buy a car with cash in hand good( well…maybe not good perse;but not bad )
dossier of all my accounts.funds i receive bills i pay…etc etc
everyone i know willing to cosign . it all boils down o the canasdian thing
its not transferrable to be canadian. jeezuz christ. i cant believe i am shelling out more cash for temporary shit . AGAIN.
i feel like crying.
ok ok think good thoughts…
sunday night ms took me to air w/ the la phil.
it was awesome, despite my unmotivated state prior to going.
stereolab-first( i was theonly one to enjoy them…she is actually quite annoying- in a natalie merchant sort of way.
but air with the raddest drummer i have ever seen(jf excluded..;) )
he was so stylie like.
lots of weird run-ins there that night-tim c. calling me by the awful apc moniker…he is funny that guy.
craig (from tool)was the tour manager, i think the guitar tech was matt, if im not mistaken( from apc tour)
pete &t were there,as was ms.r. so weird to go to a show like that and feel all anonymous and see groups of people from yor life you would NOT expect there.
rambling to kill angst now. its working.
went out to the new”guys’ on wed.
lf nin,and a fun-ish.
cept lf’s most recent ex showed up so she was setback .
wen tto dloh’s after w/ a. took him treats saw the doggielamma
going to fucking well buy a car today.
fuck fuck fuck
oh yeah work is petering out.
kinda stressed about that.
universe mantras today:
i have an amazing new car and lots of awesome fun jobs.
thankyou and good morning.