Google Chrome can use your ATM card

Was just starting to really appreciate Googles’ chrome-browser- especially while building sites…so today after a good few hours of testing new css and php from within what i thought was my new  *BBF- i decided to look at the chrome web app store/gallery thingy- for some new developer extensions*-
*and NOT to see if angrybirds for chrome was updated.

….Imagine my dismay when just as i was about to ‘enable’ one of these new cool looking tools.. i noticed an almost unnoticeable yellow warningbox :
and as we see so many warnings boxes online these days ..i could of VERY easily breezed past this insidiously evil message full of HORRIFYiNG newsbut i didn’t .
instead i was mindful/less enough to hit the “learn more” within the box and..
TIS whence i was bestowed with the worst most scary evil stripping of online-digninty info ,
all wrapped in text written like some sweet chocalate milky formula laced with ambien .

Each extension has a Low, Med and High Security ‘warning’  Here is what Google deems a low risk extension can access:

google Permissions

“This app/extension CAN access and VIEW EDIT ERASE DELETE the following:

WOW.  if this is what  Google  considers LOW alert….imagine what they consider a **Medium …or, dare i say *** high.. level permission allowance ?

-Thanks internet. I knew you were an asshole.

See the Official Google Chrome Permissions Page Here

*BBF-best browserforever

**Medium Alert: This extension can drive your car  and fart on you.

***High Alert: This extension can drive your car , move into your house, use your atm card AND  fart on you

See the Google Chrome App Permission Rape Allowance Page Here