hat would you do with your life if

What would you do with your life if…
• You won $1 million?
• You had to return to college to get a four-year degree?
• You won $1,000 a week for life?
• You lost your present job?
• You had a disability that prevented you from walking?
• You had six months to live
if someone gave me my million( see: example of possitive affimation..i know i have it..just not in hand at present!)
i would:
pay back my mom what i owe her.
hire someone to manage my money and bills.
-because i am not good at this. i can open the bills..note the date due…get the check write it…but NEVER mail it. i mean its ridiculous: i usually always have the money in my accounts… i just have a weird mental block. maybe i dont like parting with money .
yep. i think thats it.
ask a few friend s to go away with me for a week. ( so be nice to me friends)
depends on time of year and my mentality at the time as to where though.

)if i had to return( ?) to college for a four year program:
i would get a tutor, knowing that i am years out of school and my dyslexia is a well documented thing…welll lets just hope i dont have to- im not good in a full on forced learning scenario.
but to answer the original question:
art. fine art and design. archetecture i think for sure. maybe landscape architecture.
if i won 100o dollars a week for life:
be annoyed that i didnt have the lump sum, then hourd it for a few months and do the above mentioned tactics from q.#1

if i lost my present job: not applicable.
if i had a disablity that prevented me from walking?
i would hopefully become a prolific writer..and be at peace wiith myself regardless.

if i had six months to live:
go see my brother and mom
write a book about what i knew thus far in life.
try and get lots of dinners in with friends.
basically just spend alot of the time enjoying my friends and family and writing.

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