since coming back from canyon this am, i havent left the g-damn screen.
feel like i should go out for a walk or sumthing, just to get away fom computer.
guess im going away this weekend.
some party in vegas. flying out on saturday back sunday am.
its free so i cant complain!
and we’re being styled out.
i feel weird about alot of things right now. but i not bad bad weird,
just thinking about people and stuff , as i decipher the best way to designinfo layout ..
also watching dr doolittle.
i miss britishcolumbia when i see bears and mountains (presently in dr.dolittle )
its so funny how none of my friends here even know that as a kid we got picked up from school during ‘bear season’
when we lived in whistler-I dont think theyd believe me. i never cared about these things when i lived there..now (in my mind) i feel like ms.grzzly.adams, because of it. in my mind, mind you. i still get a little tripped out when it gets dark and im above hollywood blvd. ha
mom called from pakistan again. couldnt hear a fucking word.
hope she’s staying sober