how lame i trully is..

sunday night came and went. 2 of the ranger neighbours came this eve, which was awesum for 2 reasons…first, because. they are fun….and second..for the protection-of-dance-space -factor; which, coupled with the fact that they ( the dragonfly) opened a huge awesome new room, all made for an evening of less agro pushing and shoving …what a relief.
its really asinine how protective ive become of spazzmatics dance space . Needless to say though, i sure manage to have fun despite (or inspite of..) the number of USC boys, or meany pants drunkgirls or smoke blown in face…it is my favorite place to be , for now.
its crazy really…and I say this with some shame..but wtf: see i have some ‘in’ friends in the rawkworld… not lamo heshers either… these r rawkers of the sort that:
a) straight guys worship ( and act fuckin weird around )
b) females stalk, for real..all stealth and shit

SOOOO these affiliations seemly should be to my advantage in this perticulAR SETTING..being a new groupie with friends in higher places and all..RIGHT? NOoooo – , see im the asshole who knows all the kewl rawk kids but forfeits the laminate if it interfers with her sunday nights at the dragonfly .. it seems my fate for what/who i end up falling for..( like reclusive guys as crushes and shady untrustworthy chicks as confidantes) sealed in some twisted recursive irony..
its really unbelievable, i f you think about it…I find the band that dresses in headgear and flood pants and does cover songs, by bands ive become infamous for ‘not appreciating’..ahem ( polite way of phrasing my paste distaste) nor do i know any of these spazmatic guys..or does it seem i ever will..Go figure,huh?
im a full on cockblocked groupie , i guess.