i had some mistaken thoughts today. i think i have…

i had some mistaken thoughts today.
i think i have them alot. i get an idear in my mind and because i think about it so much, i believe it to be true.

anyway, today it was this: living here is a bit like being in highschool. you can be cool and popular one day then it all turns on you the next; now..what isn’t true about this statement? well it is not ‘here’ per-se that this is true -although easily tagged as bitchy back satbing town to lay fault to….I , unfortuneatley( or maybe fortuneatly?)know that this social behaviour is everywhere.
It’s about who you choose to be friends with that dictates whether or not this is your reality.
it just seems more magnified down here with the extra elements of guestlists and casting directors, i guess.

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