installed a guest book

i installed a guest book….please sign it. i need stuff to do. i ‘m bored.
what can i write about?
how about how i came here; well after traipsing about central america and mexico and colorado and asia attempting trying to find myself and the perfect “high”( at the same time?)..i ended up overdosing on a lethal injection of opiates and my parents home in vancouver.
whoops. so i was quickly whisked off to sunny southern california to a nice little rehab called “anacapa by the sea”
i , at first, claimed i was there for depression…i WAS not an addict.
funny how that changed when i started talking to the kids in there and exchanging ‘war stories” of drug use and mine were far SUPERIOR(??) and with much higher risk than those around me…so i suceeded to the group(although not yet to myslef) that i was indeed an addict.