jesus fish

how eerie these last few days have been ,dont know if im correct in saying this..but it felt straight outta tha bible..if i knew what was in there…*** DISCLAIMER grew up w/liberal psuedo hippy parents… last biblical/ religious learning foray was my first communion(catholic) at age 6-
I use it as a cultural(?) reference…not an official quote or anything…
i digress…So,the wierd eerie tone of the past few days..was set when i flew to vegas with mom et kel and cs(?more on this addition to the vegas xmas group, later)-on xmas eve.
OH! and mom got lit before we flew…nice touch.i will post xmas in vegas at some point…but now i need to get more recent shit out…
eerie biblical refrence point 1)
flight home from vegas..we’re about to land ..and we hit the knarliest storm ( that is still here now) was really crazy.
i got scared for the first time , in a plane..we were banking and dipping like we were in a cessna.
fucking scary…seeing we were in a boeing airbus..
i was sitting with an iranian doctor who kept us all calm ..-me by lecturing me on smoking.. as i the plane dips and drops and the fucking pilot sounds scared…..anyway
we landed safe-after an extra hour in the air…d picked me up…
ever since it has been terrential-Vancouver-style-rain w/ crazy thunder and lightning.

ex)A.1 my cable power heat and internet all out till this morning.


snow in texas.
real, stay on the ground snow..( verified cause dloh got stranded in austin enroute to his moms in corpus..)all weird.
BUT nothing in life could have prepared me for ex)c thisis a hollywood movie.feelings are similar , for me , as when 911 happened. just as baffling to me.
the postings ive read and the footage i have seen over the last 48 hours. people looking for relatives online..who were in thailand/indonesia/mynamar india…kraby and phuket. phi phi
pranang surit thani..Gawd , i didnt believe it at first, i thought mom was being dramatic …i m so glad sim and d are in toronto. fuck.
mom got home from pakistan a week ago.
patrick s in hk ( he was somewhere last week when mom flew thru.pretty sure it was thlnd)
sim was born and raised in kraby town.
deirdre* lived there for soo long..i have such a funny feeling n my tummy
thinking about that place.. Last time i was there it was riddled in kids … its all really bad.. rayleigh s probably gone.
i dont know what to do to be of service..i dont have money..but im going to call sim and see what he thinks is the best route of helping..then i ll post.

On the human being front -its scary and sad and devastating. too much to take in.-its almost a leveling of human mind going on , by force . nothing can matter but making sure everyones allright.and taking care of those that arent.
it our basic instinct.
and all the shit that makes nosense to me..around me us you etc
all these incidents..nature and intentional ..the consequences..the destruction..the kids ..little little kids in baghdad eating hotdogs getting blownup,
it feels likea biblical tale some fire&brimstone preacher tells little kids will happen if they are bad or gay or something….
i dont want to leave my house.