juicy deuce openings

in vegas for opening thingy
40 deuce and Juicy Couture Store opening thingy;
flew in their private jet …i felt soo ill.. sat alone and slept.
nice room at The hotel, lara s is here, as are AK and louie.
met nicki h , who seems very sweet..
the store is in a mall..me, lfb, nicki, and lara s went this afternoon to peruse the store..and at one point i went to the toilet and when i came back..they had closed the fricking store cause vegas is not LA and the people had caught wind of lfb being there..( and possibly nicki?) and there were swarms of gawkers crammed infront of the store.. i had to flag the security guards to let me back in..
The opening party was at the same spot -in the mall – boring, and uncomfortable due to celebs style broohahha in samll space.. had to make myslef small.
went to 40 deuce after.. kevin ( nicki’s bf) came up to me during the party and said he thought i was cute for crashing out on the plane this am.

flight home was a nightmare.. all flights were cancelled due to weather.. but we , of course HAD to fly.. so they bussed us to another airport.. and we got on a plane.. crazy flight.. sat in the back with kevin and nicki and ? gay hairdresser guy who was funny.. kevin broke down the secrets hidden in the wizard of oz film ( which we watched to overcome insane turbulance). and finally we arrived in lovely downtown vannuys.
the life of friend-2-the-famous is , if nothing else, blog worthy.