laughing in bed after vegas

week of still being on holiday sort of.
went to vegas with lala n hh ..met the boys there .
went to u2-amazing concert.
the night before i left ch called me- kinda cool convo.
then went to hotel with the girls and had a full on slumber party- ordered every dessert on the menu-
did ‘masks’ in our pj’s and watched a chick flick.
nexxt day we drove home and (i DROVE>>) stopped at whisky pete’s for roller coaster and turbo drop ride….then in barstow for in and out.

unbelievably long drive-7 hours.
that eve , i met mjk and ie at the movies…made them all leave mid movie- went to mjk’s for coffe at mmidnight…fun.
lala and ns and n were with us.
next night the same crew with lel and hh all played grand theft auto 3 and metal gear at ie’s.
mjk and lala i lay in ie’s bed and laughed our heads off.about retarded things.