linux anyone?

i m having a *sugarmountain moment ..(dont get it? get edumacated here, and then heredont come back till u do get it..
so i ve been debating/desperatley needing a new desktop..its long overdue (prsent:g4 sawtooth AGP circa 2000) ive stuffed memory to the max and its worked soo well for 5yrs..but going from my pb to it ,to do anything other than grab files feels so tedious and slow….Anyway..i m perusing sites looking for ideas….new machine or upgrade hd ?
as i go through my apple seller bookmarks and am pricing options..i hit a site (no names-must protect those still innocent)
with a cute applelovers vibe.and i feel all safe and muse over how nice it is to be macbased and have these lil mom n pop shops who dont sell you bad memory etc they’re just nice creative geeks up in vermont or the like…just like you in their mac loyalty/love….when i suddenly hit the wrong link..and get the exact same page… ‘cept its the PC version..selling youthe same pc based gear written with the same m+p vibe.. then it floods me..
the last 9 mnths of frustration disillusionment and ultimate sold out.
my apple..the apple II makers.. who caused me to beg my way 2 computercamp in 1984… ..that i do what i do because of…they who i have invested all my money in….they whom i always fiercely defended and have converted so many non belivers to….
think different?
im starting to
they are betraying us..they are becoming the enemy..the safety net that we are special and different and a small *slightly smarter creative* group..all in this together.. if something bad happens….they will be there.
how about the support site. a fucking joke.
my first hint of dissilluisionment?
when i bought my latest pb i was a little embarrased by the .mac sales drive was just that..a little embarrasing;oooh apple are u really trying to push 100 dollar ‘membership’ for a 15 mb email account and a tiny piece of timeshare on a server that you control?
i just justified it with: ‘well…its a way for the kids to make some money to perfect some more cool stuff …’
the upgrade disasters are one thing..i trully am ok with bugs occuring…i actually used to revel in those first stages of stuff..knowing they loved us and trusted us to shaare our exps so they could be working on fix asap.
nope..not anymore.
they ignore me, persistent crap issues ? ..posts to forums on their PAID support site? .. they just silently ignore
drop 3400 in their store..figure out the printer u got doesnt work?
go back.( the same day)
not our the maunfacturer.
did you go to billgates charm school ?

apple is away from their desk right now..
too busy churning out new shit for the ipods

better faster more more more