>listening to that jupiter song by train(?)it gets…

>listening to that gay-est-of-the-of-man-purse-wearing-straight songs , jupiter drops(?)and …gawd, i’m ashamed to write this but…..
… its getting me feeling very……..errr….dramatic.
or no, just ..i dont know..something..i feel alot of things at present.
At present? no thats off. I feel alot of things alot.
I may not be an akc-tore..but i surely am theatrical, inside my mind.
it’s so nice out today. got email from ca . he is so great. i can’t believe that i get myself in these weird mind frames that cause me to think such crappy thoughts. i feel very grateful/
i need to call mom.
and thank her.
and definetly apologize for being a shit.

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