mercury retrograde : emailed conclusions

In an email i received from lynnMcC :

On Jan 26, 2009, at 8:15 PM,
Lynn wrote:

my iphone took a shit too….apple gave me a new one
AND my Mac Book Pro got admitted to the Apple hospital….they took her and shipped her away! Said I should have her back in 10 days or so.


weird ? or science.
mercury retrograde: 2009-January 11-February 1

This email is my scientific proof.
See prior to tonight, i have believed in the powers of mercury `retrograde, but mostly blaming them on my own dumb-(birthday)-luck.. (me: Gemini with Virgo Rising: see ref. 2)
and hippiebackground. and stuff ive been told, read etc.
( im an easy believer)
My Mercury Retrorgrade experiences this round:
Januarry 11th:
macbook pro takes a crap: screen becomes unusable
January 19th:
Iphone stops working.. untouched.. just stops.
.Mercury Retrorgrade is now scientifically proven in my labs, as atime for hybernation, for me.
After above email, coupled with my own experiences.
Together these 2 unforeseen events during said period, are conclusions supporting said theory…
Science.not hippieshit.

ref 2:.Mercury Retrorgrade : Gemini and Virgo are signs ruled by Mercury, so if you are one of those born during those months, you will be complaining especially loudly.