not having a tv is good

not having a tv is good- i was at ie’s all day yesterday glued to it.
today feels more comfortable(my thinking, that is..)i am less scattered and more “in my body’ -if you will..
i guess the events of yesterday ,the HOROR of what happened, has sunk in somewhat- what i am really aware of right now is my foreigner-ness. i am having intense feelings to some of my closest friends reactions to it.
their seeming ignornance about intolarence and how the US is viewed.
i am NOT saying it is justifyed action on the US – it is definetly a henious inhumane violent terrible horrible tragic situation ….i am just aware of the fact that i am not born and raised here-and i have picked up a lot of perspective on how others see the us.
most of my family/friends in LA and ny haven’t had the opportunity to spend anytime outside of the western world for any lenghts of time and they get most of their ideas from cnn.
not that there is anything wrong with any of this-it’s just very interesting…
madeline Albright is amazing – hearing her speech yesterday made me feel a little hope for some peaceful moments-most of the other senators etc. were very quick and angr- she was thoughtful and open about grieving .
before she spoke of anger and retaliation she talked about the victims and families and devastation…and how the world needs to retaliate-with the us-to honor democract and all it has brung us.
it’s sometimes hard to realize an event like this could effect anyone and everyone DIRECTLY