Revalations on Cahuenga

bday party at velvet marguarita this eve.
Much verbal spillage in my head..but cause of the lateness..ill jot the finerPoints*** chatting with r about our common experience over the last year -(leaving YKW after so many sober years), awe-sum exchange-
Sammy came!!!!!
sooo good to see him, ramone came. awesome to see him also.
Mw ,also, though he wanted to leave – he stayed and was the highlight of my earlier night.
ds is funny. so is ofair(sp??)nice to finally meet the person attached to the name that i hear so often from others.he seems like a very interesting guy.
the VelvetMarg. is cool. a bit of a hot guy spot, too.

went next door and had visit w/ rene-manning the door at ever hip beautyBar,
cali also. ( whose bro was our srver last night at 3ofclubs)
k. im being cryptic and im holding back a firestorm of the lame funny pathetic stories of behaviour at the end of my evening..but im trying to be peaceful and non judgemental( in public and outloud , anyway)so ill sleep on the judgmental fireings..and hope that i am relieved of this yucky feeling i seem to get around very specific individualslately