saint of circumstance

I love this phrase”saint of circumstance’.

I havent got any idea of what it means for real; but, as so many things i believe to be true … it has taken on a meaning within my spoken ‘in context life’ and i think it circumnavigates, at very least, the area of which its meaning stems…..lets explore my usage shall we?
i use it as a way to describe how someone is associated to seemingly odd situations and unconnected events and people, ex n.1 : me at an oscar party=saint of circumstance….

breaking it down: a canadian girl who had a drug-ish problem years ago, which led to ending up living in LA via rehab and knowing all the other formerly drugaddicted but now in recovery kids..Most of whom ended up being fancy painted kids etc…SOO..seemingly only because i was in aa(which was only due to drugish prob) am i at the oscar party , no? So tis is where i use the phrase:i ‘d say “Me being at the oscar party …i was just a saint of circumstance.”. meaning to me that the situation was not quite as it would be for others in similar party right?They have worked for it..dreamt of it.. are serios about it..Me? Well , you know…just there.

2 thoughts on “saint of circumstance

  1. Seems to me it’s about meeting a women that he runs across while chasing his dreams, and that he stops to experience “Heaven” with them. But the road is always calling him and he’s got to keep moving because “Heaven” is not enough for him and he will always be slave to the urge to continue following his dreams and experience life…the Saint of Circumstance…the sacrifice of a single Love versus new experiences, opportunities and his true desires…mingling with planet as opposed to a set place and person. Maybe if the angel could ride on the tour bus Heaven would follow him…but then what about all the rainbows that are out there?

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