smoking is like picking your nose in public

In (very weak) defense of my vice:

cigarettes are my vice – my only defense is when you are all having wine with dinner or scotch or sake…i dont get to.

so i have a smoke. sometimes two-

i love smoking but hate what it is.

weak defense . terrible and ugly(maker) habit.

nowadays smoking is like picking your nose in public-

sneaking outside a restaurant/bar for a smoke you are hard pressed to find a light , let alone a smoking buddy.


first pack of smokes i bought? A very planned deliquent act…stood outside Macs' Milk..specifically waiting for someone who looked like they were buying smokes..then followed them in…and nervously memorized her order…..

then waited a safe(?) few minutes and went and asked for them,

as nonchalantly as an 13 yr old buying

"benson and hedges delux ultra light 100's"

can be.:

how about that for the beginning of my smoking career/karma….

Difficult, embarrasing, hard and terrible aftertaste.

and it still is.

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