Spazmatics with Murphy Jensen

spazmatics last night was fun. murphyjensen came, which is always fun.
sorry, even this long afyer seeing them i still think they are hot.something endearing about this band, especially the ballet segement.

met the elusive(to me) enigmatic to all..kevin/M ..albeit dont know if he quite got who i was,
or even recalled the emailing -as it was a few months ago…and in a rockstars life , thats many babes ago.&..The sea of babes is gi-normous for these guys.

W and friend showed up, as did Rene. I was high energy …mostly because i was in my pjs ,here all weekend.
need to get out more. .
i’m , unfortunately, bored senseless with present male company( note to self-NEVER LET HIM KNOW OF THIS SITE*)
when he tells me stuff..i cannot remember what hes saying as the words waffle out…………….
Hes not a bad guy , just not a good match.
I have flashes mid waffle of screaming “BOW TO YOUR SENSEI”..
or just calmingly standing from where we sit and walking off, without a word.
pretty indicitive – when someone u r ‘hanging’ out with instills fantasies such as these.

He doesnt like to talk , he says..but it seems its all he does, at me.
about himself. too well rounded and not funny enuff.
doesnt get my humour AT ALL.
you know when you are telling a story … like how your hassid neighbours kids saw you getting changed ..some self-effacing humour ..and he’s listening..and im telling all the funny bits.
as i had to friends earlier (who were peeing themselves, i mite add)
and i look at him staring hes trying to grasp where im coming from or where im going..
its awfully uncomfortable.
and he “uhmms” at the tales end ~ and proceeds to tell me of how children are exposed to sexuality too early these days?????
Geeeeezzzzzzzzzzz louise.yeah guy. you and me should hang more.
or if there is teeny tiny mid sentance refrence to something he ‘feels’ passionate(loose use) about..he interjects to waffle sum more.
he bugs me.