spazmatics this eve .
duwde.they are so awesome..i think by my next statement i am officially proving the theory:”doesnt matter what he looks like..if he is in a band..chicks dig him”
the singer is hot.
flood pants to the upper belly neckbrace sex gawd.
i would luv to makeout with him ( not onstage), … if you know me…this is a bold statement .
im very secretive and picky about who i like..which is usually no-one or someone ill never meet etc…
mostly because this one time :
i dated someone;
it was a long long time ago- but i can never forget what it felt like to
realize it was all a lie.yuck. awful. i believe people to easily-
but im sick of being ‘safe’ so im looking for a few good crushes..seems safe to start with this geeky one.
he must be straight …no way he could emit that much hetro- hotness through that gear..probably has a girlfriend.
oh shit what do i know.
well i know 1 thing:
i do NOT know him,
watch out hot geek