the joy has returned

and the changes have come upon again.
now living in a beautiful place in venice.ablock behind ak blvd 4 blocks to surfing
work at present is all local . i found myself happy for the first time tonight in years,
like really authentic true to be me happy.
it just happened…i heard something /read something that triggered a chemical change in my mind and body.
i felt really me today.i daydreamed i listened to music really loud. really good specific music and i walked around the neighborhood and felt a way i honstly didn’t think i could ever feel again.
it was simple joy melancholy listening but feeling so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had in my incredible life thus far. The music was oddly a bit of the family band music..some tool some puscifer some elation john some freddie mercury /david bowie and modest mouse and each song reignited my joy.
its crazy it i all came back .. what i thought lost .
so nothing is ever lost.