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The concept of free software development is straightforward: software is a form of knowledge and all knowledge should be shared to benefit all people at all times. Unlike those people embracing the moving target concept euphemistically known as intellectual property, people advocating free software development believe that software is knowledge and not property. The concept of property belongs in the realm of tangibles and scarce resources, not intangibles. Like any monopoly, the concept of regulating and protecting knowledge to the point of absurdities creates an environment of slavery rather than mutually beneficial relationships. Converting knowledge into a tangible resource through the use of legal fictions is to create artificial scarcity where no scarcity previously existed. I certainly have benefited in various ways from the concept of freely and voluntarily sharing knowledge. Therefore this section of my web site is my way of participating in a meaningful and reciprocating manner. Here are some How-Tos that hopefully some people find useful.

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