The Screamer

its hot out. but what makes it hotter is the screaming hassidic woman that lives in front of me. its unreal ..TOTALLY ..unreal.She screams ALL DAY.. in a terriffiying-shrill-higher-as-she-gets-rolling-pitch.
Its been going on since she moved in. ( 2.5 years)
its awful.
devasting , actually.
Somedays i can tolarate it. on others, i feel like killing …
..and days like today, i feel upset and claustrophaubic.
it really makes me want to move. she seriously does it at all hours of every day.
This is the tip of the iceberg on this woman by the way..She has done other things taht are so unbelievabel..i cant be bothered to write about.
She has two kids and a husband..whom all seem frightened of her.

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