one of my favorite single-lame-life-late evening pasttimes is watching movies on the big tv-with laptop on hand to lookup refrences and actors etc…- “oh this looks like it was shot in canada..”-and hello.macbook+internets+imdb+wikipedia.. i instantly verify that fact plus learn the set dressers’ wife’s name ..the year the director was born…etc .. i ganrner all […]

and im still HERE. my GAWDDAMN neighbours are still awful. mean and scary and really….horrifyingly loud. which is EXACTLY why .. im moving.. to where? ..is yet to be determined. i m feeling that my whereabouts will most likely be, the couch, for october… And then :quieter softer greener pastures. No MOre Gaza-strip!

how come i got fuckin burned when the shit hit fan? your fucking friends(?) dont know me nor, it seems do you. dont g-damn reason with me anymore. i m over it. i m sick of being OK with it all and swallowing the shit. fuck u . stand up for me. i m a […]