The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club “…demented and sad, but social“- John Bender i have quoted that line as a means to  defining most of my social situationships )-  a million times since seeing the breakfast club at ? 12? 13??. One of my most stirring sweet emo memories in my entire life is from that bizarre period of life……
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Take The Demon Test

one of my favorite single-lame-life-late evening pasttimes is watching movies on the big tv-with laptop on hand to lookup refrences and actors etc…- “oh this looks like it was shot in canada..”-and hello.macbook+internets+imdb+wikipedia.. i instantly verify that fact plus learn the set dressers’ wife’s name ..the year the director was born…etc .. i ganrner all…
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its september

and im still HERE. my GAWDDAMN neighbours are still awful. mean and scary and really….horrifyingly loud. which is EXACTLY why .. im moving.. to where? yet to be determined. i m feeling that my whereabouts will most likely be, the couch, for october… And then :quieter softer greener pastures. No MOre Gaza-strip!

Anticipate me

” Where are the frenchfries i did not ask for?? You guys need to anticipate me!”- tracy jordan(tracy morgan) on 30 rock to a bird: “Stop eating people’s old French fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don’t you know you can fly?” Giving advice to Kenneth: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

You Got Me

BEFORE READING : To trully appreciate this post’s full dramtic effect-ive added enhancing mood music-just press play ) play post theme song “A lie, by omission or directly fabricating .. leads people to decide other than they would, had they known the truth,It harms their human dignity and autonomy.It is believed that to value…
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grow some backbone

how come i got fuckin burned when the shit hit fan? your fucking friends(?) dont know me nor, it seems do you. dont g-damn reason with me anymore. i m over it. i m sick of being OK with it all and swallowing the shit. fuck u . stand up for me. i m a…
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