grow some backbone

how come i got fuckin burned when the shit hit fan? your fucking friends(?) dont know me nor, it seems do you.
dont g-damn reason with me anymore. i m over it. i m sick of being OK with it all and swallowing the shit. fuck u . stand up for me. i m a fucking good friend – stop having such a limited memory when it comes to goodness/ intentions/ …at very least i dont deserve to hear , over xmas what you fuckin said about me . FUCK-U . its one life we have assholes. one. fuck ur career. we are the same. dont be so g-damn cruel-i am devastated. you ‘re behaving just the way u say u hate.
what makes you so different?
if u have a problem -give me a reason to my face you fucking piece of shit.
be a good person – – i know i am and neither one of us deserve to be taken for granted.. at least pratice what you profess or stop preaching.
im not your scape goat, and you know the fuck who you are.

One thought on “grow some backbone”

  1. don’t worry- the older you get, the more loyal your friends are. you’ll lose a lot in the younger years. i know. but then i’ve gotten them back after we’ve grown up.

    good luck in 2006!

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