Take The Demon Test

one of my favorite single-lame-life-late evening pasttimes is watching movies on the big tv-with laptop on hand to lookup refrences and actors etc…- “oh this looks like it was shot in canada..”-and hello.macbook+internets+imdb+wikipedia.. i instantly verify that fact plus learn the set dressers’ wife’s name ..the year the director was born…etc .. i ganrner all…
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Anticipate me

” Where are the frenchfries i did not ask for?? You guys need to anticipate me!”- tracy jordan(tracy morgan) on 30 rock to a bird: “Stop eating people’s old French fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don’t you know you can fly?” Giving advice to Kenneth: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

6 degrees of newmodelarmy

the title means nothing. it just sorta combines the spackling of thoughts and stuff that flew through my life today. So you should probably stop reading right now , unless you’re sooo bored that u think u can handle the crazy train im on this am – this post is going nowhere…but im doing an…
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the end of the world?

[imagebrowser id=6]These pics Taken on jf’s blackberry , of strange flying light machines over mullholland at about 730 tonight. C’mon…..what is really going on ? Technorati Tags: fuckinEh, hollywood, neighbours, weird


Every sunday i , like a total fuckin freak groupie, go to The dragonfly , in west hollywood. There is an eighties band called the spazmatics that play. i m in fake pretend lust with the lead singer. he usually wears a neckbrace and they cover songs by alot of bands i really cant stand.the…
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The Screamer

its hot out. but what makes it hotter is the screaming hassidic woman that lives in front of me. its unreal ..TOTALLY ..unreal.She screams ALL DAY.. in a terriffiying-shrill-higher-as-she-gets-rolling-pitch. Its been going on since she moved in. ( 2.5 years) its awful. devasting , actually. Somedays i can tolarate it. on others, i feel like…
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sunday went to dragonfly

sunday went to dragonfly. everything is weird i have a serious crush . LIKE HIGHSCHOOL. kasabian is so good. so is new xx. xxxx is hotter than most. no chin and all. x writes good songs. there will be other new music out in the new year, that will guarantee to blow everyone.i m very…
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bday at the dfly

last sunday was the funnest . aj organized a bday thing for me at dragonfly. in doing so it took all the stress off me..and cause only 5 people came it was idealic..j and a and mw and sgp al came. i couldnt believ j came..AND the best part is he brought jps..my mostfavorite person…
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The rawkstar set up

so maria is here scouring out the spiders and mould i have accumulated over the terrential downpour season ,( as apposed to rainy ) havent heard hide nor hair of mom. shitty. ..yesterday was interesting/cool. i offered up my house for jken to host a brunch for jp ‘s bday here ( JP doesnt live…
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