one of my favorite single-lame-life-late evening pasttimes is watching movies on the big tv-with laptop on hand to lookup refrences and actors etc…- “oh this looks like it was shot in canada..”-and hello.macbook+internets+imdb+wikipedia.. i instantly verify that fact plus learn the set dressers’ wife’s name ..the year the director was born…etc .. i ganrner all […]

its hot out. but what makes it hotter is the screaming hassidic woman that lives in front of me. its unreal ..TOTALLY ..unreal.She screams ALL DAY.. in a terriffiying-shrill-higher-as-she-gets-rolling-pitch. Its been going on since she moved in. ( 2.5 years) its awful. devasting , actually. Somedays i can tolarate it. on others, i feel like […]

last sunday was the funnest . aj organized a bday thing for me at dragonfly. in doing so it took all the stress off me..and cause only 5 people came it was idealic..j and a and mw and sgp al came. i couldnt believ j came..AND the best part is he brought jps..my mostfavorite person […]