sunday went to dragonfly

me at the bday of the other al.

sunday went to dragonfly.
everything is weird i have a serious crush . LIKE HIGHSCHOOL.
kasabian is so good. so is new xx.
xxxx is hotter than most. no chin and all.
x writes good songs.
there will be other new music out in the new year, that will guarantee to blow everyone.i m very excited by little bits ive gotten to hear.
i would like to be dating right now , but only specific persons..not the ones that are offering up their services. damn.
would the hot ones(to me) puleessee get a clue and step up?
god its so frustrating.. be a dude. step up . sweep me off my feet.
im not putting any effort in till i get hit on -point blank. but then ill put in effort

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