The rawkstar set up

so maria is here scouring out the spiders and mould i have accumulated over the terrential downpour season ,( as apposed to rainy )

havent heard hide nor hair of mom. shitty.

..yesterday was interesting/cool. i offered up my house for jken to host a brunch for jp ‘s bday here ( JP doesnt live here, he’s from the NorthEast-but as is nature of the a long healthy rocknroll careeer – he has many friends/fam in hollywood)…random nice interesting.easy.

Although..i was a little worse for the wear at the start -jken called to start seting up just as i was  30 mins into a lite sleep…**remember?i was up fixxing my PBook alll night. -i bet i looked cute ….to the cool & odd assortment of JP’s LA based  friends collected  in..  friends/fam from varying tours arrived..No biggy , really, if it had been only these…a and d , dcr and his new friendee and t(* who , i just found out, lives in the same building as the BLACK DAHLIA lived in….how bill curtis cool is  that?) kit wes….jk ab dloh etc….but there was one guitartech that arrived ..and seeing as i only ever seethese people at concerts …i was a little taken aback ..and then a certain guitarTech INTERUPT THIS POST FOR STORY REFFERAL *the boy from 2 falls ago, who was j’s guitar tech..and at some point during beg. of tour?or reheasals..i decided was my kinda sk8tr cute…no biggie- i crush in n out all day everyday..’cept..i ,at some point,then mention it on IM while they are away ..and jk(out of boredom..or maybe cause he was mid he wtd friends to be too?)anyways..he  tells me to come out on the road and visit.. ( this is how a rwkstar sets up his friends) …i do..(cause thats cool trip regardless of setup..)

except i pick the fricking week they’re in  minneapolis…indiana, i think? mid west , regardless in REAL winter…and upon my arrival…The guy…he…(cute sk8tr guitar tech) …never… said …one…word to me. not one. From the moment i arrived to the day i departed..not hi even.

in hinde sight..i guess.. there is something about the boss of you on tour , telling you to like some girl hes bff with, and ..well…i guess that’s prolly kinda daunting/weird and perhaps OFF putting. )..

But…as the worldturnsout….. i ended up having the best trip, i think becuase , we were in such little earnest towns. one else was out visiting, so i got to do the passes for tf and stuff. of course my fake pretend boyfriend/funniest person ever  was there too(jfr)…so it was fun. But eversince this trip – i ve felt mighty awkward –kind of a lot like the homely little sister of the cool guys-around guitarTechDude…ive only seen him at their shows ..maybe 4 more times.but to see him walk in to my living room, after i was up fixing the computer all night, expecting no former present or future crushes to arrive at all…..hmm. well i ll just say this thank J H christ-uffer that i no longer have a crush – cause otherwise i would be in a pit of unrest over this.* END OF REF STORY…

but… someone was cute to me yesterday…weird strange new crush on someone maybe? i m not telling anyone ; because my dear dotting friends/family with their over zealous need to figure out why i dont “date” like them…. either get so happy im liking someone that they overdue the PUSH.(see above).ahem..or they’ll shoot it down HARD- which sucks equally. i mean who wants to date someone yourfriends think is dumb.raison nuomere trois : why allison doesn’t date.