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the title means nothing. it just sorta combines the spackling of thoughts and stuff that flew through my life today.

So you should probably stop reading right now , unless you’re sooo bored that u think u can handle the crazy train im on this am – this post is going nowhere…but im doing an excercise of writing for twenty minutes a day..regardless of what i write. . so goodbye or buckle up and en-yoy.remember :you’ve been warned:

My Synchronicity study : is it real? or is it Hollywood?

Lately i ve noticed an odd rise in deja-vu -ish sensations (or experiences or whatever having deja vu “is”,)

the steepest climb on my chart has been the typical precog/dv moment that can be basically any moment..which results in someone exclaiming ( and feelin gthe sentiment):

“..OH!my gawd i cannot believe that u just texted/called me..


i was

thinking about you..thats soo weird

And it is weird,* when you’re the one having the moment.. *

Regardless, ive noticed that i ve seen/heard alot of these lately…like..everyday last week…but, that could just be that everyone stays in touch more hypermanically due to extreme blackberry /twitter/ ichat/ text etc…
but still..im noticing.Its not nothing.
i have no idea what this means but ….i am starting a study to see if im correct in thinking they happen alot more frequently these days.. its weird shit and someones gotta document it.right?
I ve always been fascinated by synchronicity and coincidence and flow. time and space…dimensions. known (or unknown, really)
i love hearing about experiences ,yet i find the bigger scarab on window ones are harder to define , for me, so i ve chosen a simple model of experience from which to draw my data:
Here’s an attempt to layout the neccassary factors that must occur in order for it to be included inmy study…( please replace actual places with wherver ..doesnt need to be a coffebean etc)
first factor : noticing someone famous you had previously never thought 1 single second about-never had reason to notice and still don’t, but for a split second , as you are flipping through channels, you notice him, that actor dude, oldwhatshisname and you randomly think to yourself “Hmmm, that dude has a lisp? i wonder if thats the character or real”….then just as quick, forget and go back to court tv and carry on …..
UNTIL thenext morning,
(this factor 2):when you’re in line at yourcoffebean, where you know everyone …cause you’ve been going there forever…and as you wait for a 3shotvanilla latte in a regualr cup with extra vanilla powder, you
over hear
the guy infront of you on his cell phone..and ..woah..its weird but u recognize the voice..woooahh…oh-mah-gawd..its the lisp..you look up
and its him
..the old dude form the tv, …oldwhatshisname, whom u’d never taken note of before, till the movie last night
yet here he is, lisp and all…woah.
and thats it..the experience has been had at this point.nothing comes of it..no sophia coppolla movies are made..just that. wierd. slips of time noted by seeming improbable random events meeting in time and space.

is it synchronicity.?..but if so ..for what?jung made it out these were life path markers…signposts.. ….but….well, you get it right?

now i know there will be some of you who may say ive disproved my own theory by way of it will not be a seemingly random encounter between two improbable subjects.. ’cause i live where celebritys are a dime a dozen , and in their pretending to live real lives it therefore becomes normal to see tom and katy at ralphs …….But these are finite perticularily peculiur moments…
( i know that when i see nate from 6feet under on larchmont at the coffebean,right after the second to last episode that effected me more than a tv should ever….i know its because i went there everyday for 6 years and the show shoots at the gower studio up the street.. so i am aware this is just a routine neighbourly sighting, like the kid u walked past everyday for 11 years on your way to different schools…..no big whoop, even if that kid happened to be on the show that everyone watched every sunday for 6 years.. there still isnt the synchros there.i know that.)
but how bout this: one..say you live on the same street as a bigtime oldmoviestar; you’ve been living there for 5 years..known she owned the house with smelly plants on the corner the whole time…cause everyone who comes to your house that grew up around here tells you… “ Oh..hey soandSo lives right on this block, u know”..and you’re all “ supposedly ..but ive never seen her”- not even once…( especially because we’re an outside , curb dwelling ‘hood)….then one day 5 years into living next to fantom-neighbour- you fly into mexico city(you’ve never been there-its alayover) …upon arriveing in mexico city ( and you’ll be there only a day) far and away from hellay …and in the 4 th hour of being there, you get into an elevator in a building u’ve never been in…and the door is held open for me…. by none other than ole’soandSo…the famous fantom(to you, no longer)neighbour …but you are a foreign city..country?
that is some fuckin weird shite.
and although its true that the odds are higher due to where i live is: you can grade the experience on many levels : factoring in all the variables. So lets set up the system and bring on the incidents to test our theory for this hypothesis.
ill use scarabs as our rating sytem
a scale of 0-11
11-HIgh probability : as in Pretty low coincidence rate-
**0-highly inprobable-coinicidence is the key.
11= NF (non famous subject)and F(famous subject) , of all ilks are very likely to cross paths, and probably do , often.
(ie: nf watch’s tv all day/night, you live in hollywood, you hangout at spots like brentboldhouseclubs, you eat at musso and franks or the palms. ..you are in a 12 step program-all of these add to low coincidence rate )

0=(zero)scarabs is low end; meaning the lower the scarbs..the lower the probability of a runin…
its highly unlikely for our two subject to meet

*as the non dejevu experiencer,you’re either like“oh ..wow u must be pyschic!’ or u half laugh and think to yourself ‘…yeah right nice excuse for not calling me back u asswipe”


**0 is reserved for those thought to be dead…. cause that would make it really weird.

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