6 degrees of newmodelarmy

the title means nothing. it just sorta combines the spackling of thoughts and stuff that flew through my life today. So you should probably stop reading right now , unless you’re sooo bored that u think u can handle the crazy train im on this am – this post is going nowhere…but im doing an…
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the end of the world?

[imagebrowser id=6]These pics Taken on jf’s blackberry , of strange flying light machines over mullholland at about 730 tonight. C’mon…..what is really going on ? Technorati Tags: fuckinEh, hollywood, neighbours, weird

euro trasho centralo

nico’s bady this eve at le dome…euro trasho centralo…but i must say nico had quite the crew show uo for him- it was nice- bw and the boys dropped by later- ie and sl and hil and ad and rs and jg and ah etc were all there. actually, ad and rs came outr last…
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viper-room and rs/gap thingy

went to see a band at the viper room on tuesday..w/ ie and candace and billy and draven and a few others i just met.hung out with j at ie’s for a minute-very nervous and uncomfortable(felt ‘set-up’)had fun at rollingstone/gap thing on thursday eve.brian was there- always have fun with him.met the sexiest man -well..didn’t…
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