van nuys to hit the car dealerships

d mom me drive to van nuys to hit the car dealerships this afternoon.
these guys were wetting their pants
picture this: drive in in a huge expensive gross polluter of an SUV..d and i both in denim miniskirts(planned-Nawt! ;actually only realized this upon reflection right now..)
d and i all focused and syched slinging words and q’s referring to ‘cap costa’ and buy out price’..which we’d leared on the drive over.
..m with waspy bling look in full :linen ‘slouchy-suit’ louis vuitton bag and polite Canadian inquisitiveness…yet disinterested enuff to cause george and his nigerian peers to think they had a mommy ready to write a check for whatever was gonna get her overaged brats out of the big-car-talk mode.(.in vannuys on sept 11 at 5pm of the hottest day of the year.)

who wrote this shit ?the script im living in.if nothing else, as i ve mentioned before..i can be a little existential on here and observe the absurdity…of my life.
to top it all offf we decided to go buy (not a spelling er) billiondollahbabes sale.
i had succeeded in forgetting about this epic clothes expo all weekend( it started thursday eve , i think?
but Nope…all of a sudden we r at the palladium and rifeling thru crazy shit…awesome overwhelming…not prepared at all..
walked around picking out things that were necessary to my grossly unnecessary unfilled consumer side.
Best save of the week: ex boyfriend was there..first person i saw…and it distracted me enough to do without getting manic about clothes fix.
he looked really good..happy relaxed sweet.
it was the nicest feeling to be in that banter of charged familiarness that only ex’s bring up.
he seems trully happy.
right on.
i forgot what i like in life..what im passionate about.
lately,spent time thinking about some boyss and my relationship with them and seeing how it might be effecting my world and who enters…without malintent…but maybe hindering me nonetheless.
i always think im going to end up with booby the friend dept life dept .not consioscly think it…but its intrinsic i act as if i am not even in the running.
synchronsatic neil appears again..

who the fuck are/were the eels and where r they now and how come i didnt get to see them.
this guy his lyrics voice affect me same way neil did in highschool.meloncholly-ish his slant is the positive thing bright side me.
love him.
must go online see if he plays anywhere ever